Kapitelfriedhof Cemetery

A cemetery situated in the cathedral cloister which, with the cathedral courtyard, creates a green oasis in the heart of the city centre

The Kapitelfriedhof cemetery is situated in the cloister of the over 1,000-year-old minster, today's Essen cathedral. It dates back to 1240 and many sections were reconstructed in 1954 – after its destruction during World War II. Only the east wing is preserved in its original state. Today, the cloister is a green oasis of peace in the bustling city centre. The cathedral courtyard is also a beautiful, distinctive place. The natural monument in the neighbouring Burgplatz square is worth seeing: a large, beautiful sycamore almost 5 metres in circumference.

The avenue rings planned by "Grün und Gruga" (city parks department) are also worth mentioning in the city centre: the city ring with Schützenbahn, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, Ostfeldstraße and Hindenburgstraße. And the Old Town ring where even the street names refer to the stock of trees: Akazienallee ('acacia avenue'), Lindenallee ('lime tree avenue') and Kastanienallee ('chestnut tree avenue').

Natural monument
Burgplatz, sycamore, trunk circumference 4.97 metres

Kapitelfriedhof Cemetery
Kapitelfriedhof Cemetery



Further Information

Description of route

From the Rathaus Essen stop
150 m to Kapitelfriedhof cemetery

Exit city centre, from Kettwiger Straße follow the Culture Trail to the cathedral 

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