View over the city of Essen

View of the city from Zollverein past the city centre to Bredeney

Surrounded by expansive arable land, this is a unique panorama view of the city stretching from the south (Bredeney water tower and Goethe grammar school clock tower) right to the north (stacks of the Zollverein coking works).
The city's wide spectrum becomes obvious here: industrial culture in the north with the Zollverein World Heritage Site, business metropolis in the centre with the distinctive skyline and the RWE Tower as well as city-wide green spaces right to the Ruhr Hills in the south of the city.

View over the city of Essen
View over the city of Essen



Further Information

Description of route

From the Heißener Straße stop
3,000 m to the vantage point

Follow Heißener Straße, turn right into Brausewindhang, turn left and follow the district trail 10 up the hill

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