Ufer Quarter

Modern city dwellings of Allbau AG with a view over Niederfeld Lake

The new residential development in Altendorf is intended to guarantee a high-quality green structure to improve the living environment in this urban district. The land was therefore opened up and provided with spacious green areas as well as a large area of water. With the Rheinische Bahn cycle and footpath connection, an important east-west link has also been created ensuring a connection between the Ufer Quarter and Krupp Park, the ThyssenKrupp Quarter and the city centre. A high-quality and functional transition between the residential estate and Niederfeld Lake was created through the development of the waterside promenade, Rüselstraße.

Ufer Quarter
Ufer Quarter



Further Information

Description of route

From the Röntgenstraße stop
500 m to the Ufer Quarter

Follow Altendorfer Straße, turn left into Grieperstraße and go to the lake waterside 

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