Schönebecker Höhe

Small park with pergola and view to Bredeney

The small park (designed by the landscape architect, Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Falke, Grün und Gruga) is a 'citizens' park' which forms a beautiful entrance into the Schönebeck district. Here, there is a bench several metres in length from which you can view a huge sycamore maple, one of the natural monuments on the NaturLinie 105.

Natural monument
1 sycamore maple, trunk circumference 3.19 metres, Heißener Straße, entrance to the Catholic cemetery 

Schönebecker Höhe
Schönebecker Höhe


Heißener Straße/Ecke Schönebecker Straße
45359 Essen

Further Information

Description of route

From the Heißener Straße stop
1,000 m to the park

Follow Heißener Straße to the corner of Schönebecker Straße

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