Pausmühlenbach Valley

Former water mill, located in one of Borbeck's green valleys

Voßgätters Mühle (mill) on the upper Pausmühlenbach stream is of historical interest. In the middle of the 16th century, the abbesses had their corn ground in this mill. Since 1985, the building has housed the Youth Association for the Protection of Nature (NAJU), which has extensively renovated the building. The long Pausmühlenbach stream is a small paradise in the densely populated Borbeck area: from the tram stop, it is just a short distance to the Franziskushaus, over Laarmannstraße on the left into Pausmühlenbach Valley. It is densely wooded and has quite deep valley incisions. Depending on the season, the ponds and the surrounding area are reminiscent of a primeval forest and the landscape has an air of mystery about it. Overhanging and fallen trees create a wildly romantic appearance. The Luna Park interrupts the wooded valley like a clearing; you continue walking to Düppenberg Straße. Here is the connection to the neighbouring valley, the Hagedorn Valley.

Pausmühlenbach Valley
Pausmühlenbach Valley



Further Information

Description of route 

From the Franziskus Haus stop
1,200 m  to the historical water mill
200 m to the green area

Take the footpath beside the stop (platform 2), turn right into Laarmannstraße, turn left into the valley, then follow district trail 9

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