Last foothills of the Ardey Hills

The foothills of the Ardey Hills start at the Ruhr; extensive possibilities for hiking

Essen is situated on a range which belongs to the northwest foothills of the Ardey Hills. They form the watershed between the Ruhr and the Emscher rivers. The courses of the streams divide here into the Emscher or the Ruhr. Along the Ruhr, the Ardey Hills have a pronounced mountainous character. The landscape is dominated by great differences in height, steep rocky slopes and deep valleys. Viewed from north to south, the Ardey Hills present themselves from a softer side with sweeping hills of woods and meadows.

Last foothills of the Ardey Hills
Last foothills of the Ardey Hills



Further Information

Description of route

From the Finefraustraße stop
700 m to the Ardey Hills

Turn right into Gottfried-Wilhelm-Straße, turn left into Mausegattstraße, then left into Rübezahlstraße, left onto Hexentaufe and follow the road to Frankenstraße, turn right and walk until you reach the Ruhr

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