Hexbach Valley

Idyllic green valley with the Hexbach stream between Essen and Mülheim

You pass through the idyllic Hexbach Valley parallel to the tramline. You are welcomed by a broad green strip and front gardens, leading you down to the Hexbach Valley. At the corner of Bedingrader Straße there is an old half-timbered house, which marks the entrance into the green valley. The walk takes you past the "Talschänke" pub restaurant, along meadows and fields and then changes into the wooded valley; you walk along the stream past fishponds. Small brooklets border the path, you later come to large areas of arable land and horse paddocks. At the end, the route leads back into the residential area; you go through a small park and along narrow green paths to the main road . Arriving at Abzweig Aktienstraße, you can go directly into the splendid Borbeck Castle Park.

If you follow the new valley route (cycle path) from Hexbach Valley, you come to Schönebecker Schweiz.

Hexbach Valley
Hexbach Valley



Further Information

Description of route

From the Am Kreyenkrop stop
100 m to the green area
100 m along Lohstraße, then follow Bedingrader Straße until you reach the district trail 10

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