Haus Ripshorst

Key location in the Emscher Park, situated on the Rhine-Herne Canal and river Emscher

Haus Ripshorst, which stands on the historic land of a moated castle, offers excursions and events relating to nature and environmental topics. Several conservation organisations have their headquarters in the ecological timber house, which has replaced the former stables. At the entrance of the exhibition, the Emscher Landscape Park is literally at the visitors' feet. Pairs of feet marked on glass lead the visitors to the 15 important sites of the regional park.

If you stand on the large grass area in front of Haus Ripshorst, you gain an impression of wide expanse. In the background you can see the wooded Ruhr heights in the west of Essen. It is noticeable that a new landscape starts there – from the flat plain you look up to the beginnings of Essen's hilly landscape.

The Emscher Park Trail (126.7 km) of Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein passes here along the Emscher river and through the heart of the Ruhr area.

Natural monument: 1 poplar, Sülstraße/corner of Ripshorster Straße, Oberhausen

Café im Haus Ripshorst
Ripshorster Straße 306
46117 Oberhausen

Haus Ripshorst

Haus Ripshorst
Haus Ripshorst


Ripshorster Straße 306
46117 Gelsenkirchen

Further Information

Desciption of route

From the Unterstraße stop
1,700 m to Haus Ripshorst
100 m to the green area

Follow Frintroper Straße, then turn right onto the Oberhausen circular trail and follow it to Haus Ripshorst 

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