Hagedorn Valley

Walk through the Pausmühlenbach Valley into the Hagedorn Valley with a vantage point overlooking the Emscher Valley

The unspoilt Hagedorn Valley, small compared with the Pausmühlenbach Valley, is situated in the direct vicinity. It offers the visitor old half-timbered houses in a romantic landscape. At the end of the path you come to a hill and are rewarded with a beautiful panorama view into the Emscher Valley in the direction of Dellwig. 

Near the tram stop, you will find St. Franziskus Church, built by Rudolf Schwarz, which presents a beautiful link between architecture and nature: an avenue leads up to the main entrance of the church; this green setting was intentionally designed in this way by the architect. 

Hagedorn Valley
Hagedorn Valley


Franziskus Haus

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Description of route

From the Franziskus Haus stop

2,200 m to the destination

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