Grüner Platz

West district: large converted lawn area in the west of the city

"Weststadt" is an urban expansion of the Essen city centre dating from the early 90s – planned and expanded in a very classic manner using the grid system. The Green Square, a large rectangular lawn area, is located in a central position and divided by a diagonal path and hornbeam hedges. It was designed as a meeting point and relaxation area for people working in the surrounding office buildings. The area impresses with its clear and systematic landscape architecture and was planned by the landscape architects' office, WKM Weber, Klein, Maas.

Grüner Platz
Grüner Platz



Further Information

Description of route

From the Berliner Platz stop
150 m to the Green Square

Exit B, then take the steps to the Colosseum Theatre/"Weststadt"

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