Green Urban Belt, East

Walk from the main railway station to Helenenstraße (about 3.5 km): parks, historical green courtyards, avenues, landscaped estates dating from the post-war era

There are entrances to the green systems even in the densely populated city centre. The "Green Urban Belt" walk demonstrates this impressively: it offers the passengers on the NaturLinie 105 the possibility of breaking their journey and walking through the densely populated city following a green belt to Helenenstraße.
It is only a short way to Stadtgarten (City Gardens), which you reach when you walk in the direction of the Museum Folkwang. From there, you arrive in the "Pocketpark" at the Glückaufhaus building. You cross over the pedestrian bridge and come to a park with sculptures. This green system runs along Holsterhauser Straße and Planckstraße. The route continues through tree-lined streets and you then cross Savignystraße, which is designed as a large avenue. The perimeter block development repeatedly opens up and you reach public green courtyards. You pass through small archways into parts of the historical estate development, "Neuer Alfredshof", with courtyard houses in green areas. The dead-straight avenue, Friedbergstraße, passes through West Germany's largest reconstruction area and was built in accordance with the Athens Charter (Le Corbusier): with spaced tower blocks and, as a result, a park-like setting. You cross over the main road, Hobeisenstraße, to reach an estate dating from the post-war era, which is characterised by large grass areas and groups of trees. Here, you cross over the A40 motorway. The route continues through the beautiful Alfredspark, which is hilly and contains stately trees. It passes through streets with front gardens and trees right to two beautiful green courtyards of historical Krupp residential estates. You pass through Riehl Park and arrive in the Bärendelle residential estate. It was built by the Krupp construction office between 1915 and 1917 and is characterised by a large green park in the courtyard which you walk through. The Vocational College West is accommodated in a large school building dating from the Third Reich. When the college is open, it is possible to walk through the green courtyard directly to the Essen-West railway station. Alternatively, you can pass the college on the left and arrive in the large square at the railway station. The route runs through a tunnel into the green area in Heinitzstraße.
If you follow Heinitzstraße, you come to the tree-lined Helmholtzplatz. From here, you leave the green urban belt and arrive in the densely populated Altendorf area. The Altendorferstraße/Helenenstraße junction is a tramline intersection.

Natural monument
Krupp-Straße 5, boulder, 1.80 x 1.00 x 1.40 metres, granite gneis 

Green Urban Belt, East
Green Urban Belt, East



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