Castle Park

Splendid park with moated baroque castle, summer residence of the princess abbesses, Essen's second-largest park

It is regarded as one of the oldest landscaped parks in the Rhineland: the Borbeck Castle Park, located in the west of Essen and roughly 42 hectares in size. The splendid park consists of three valleys with a level area where the castle is located. Borbeck Castle is a moated baroque castle; "gardens, plantations and avenues" are first mentioned in the mid-17th century. Today's Castle Park goes back to the Brabant architect, F. Dukers, who designed the park in its Anglo-Chinese style. In view of its size and biodiversity, the Castle Park is a worthwhile destination on the NaturLinie 105: large lawn areas, a stream and pond as well as a well-tended deciduous and coniferous woodland with paths characterise its structure today. The source of the Borbeck river, which feeds the moat around the castle and the castle pond via a narrow stream, can still be reached today on winding paths.

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Borbecker Grüntäler

Castle Park
Castle Park


Schlossstraße 101
45355 Essen

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From the Abzweig Aktienstraße stop
25 m to the green area

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