Essen's first up-market residential district built in 1902 in traditional country-house style with front gardens, green area and the source of the Berne

The residential district with its distinctive tower situated south of the administration building of Emschergenossenschaft (Emscher water management association) has, in many areas, retained its charm right up to the present day. The route to this district passes through Beethovenstraße, lined with trees and front gardens, and ends up in a small park on "Am Bernewäldchen" street. The source of the Berne is assumed to be here, initially located underground and only rising to the surface north of the city centre. The park continues on the other side of the main road, Richard-Wagner-Straße. This district is also known as the "composer district" after its street names.

"The entire southern half of the city area […] is exclusively residential. During the expansion of this residential district the old system of closed individual park areas was abandoned and the entire residential area is interwoven with smaller or larger green spaces. Of the larger parks, special mention should be made of Bernewäldchen with its wonderful old trees situated in one of the most beautiful major residential districts." (Rudolf Korte, Vom Essener Grün, from: Deutschlands Städtebau Essen, Dari-Verlag, H. Ehlgötz, 1925)

Natural monument
Isenbergstraße 30 (courtyard), sycamore, trunk circumference 4.75 metres



Am Bernewäldchen
45128 Essen

Further Information

Description of route

From the Kronprinzenstraße stop
150 m to the residential district

Follow Gutenbergstraße towards the south, turn left into Beethovenstraße until you arrive at "Am Bernewäldchen"

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