Nature Walk Reform Architecture Southwest

Reform Architecture Walk through Mühlbach Valley

Walk (5 km) featuring examples of reform architecture, a ring of green estates, park-like cemeteries and the Grugapark.

The Hirtsiefer estate is the ideal starting point for the southwest reform architecture walk – this is the start of the ring of historical green estates surrounding more highly developed urban areas: this includes the Hirtsiefer, Breilsort, Heimatdank, Wickenburg, Margarethenhöhe, Altenhof, Ulmenhof and Eyhof estates. This green estate ring is enhanced by park-like cemeteries, the Botanical Gardens and the Grugapark. The centrally located Mühlbach Valley and the adjacent woods and valleys, such as Mecklenbeck Valley, Nachtigall Valley and Schatzgräber Woods, complete the picture of the green metropolis of Essen, which was originally planned as one unit (see map). The walk or cycle tour runs along the Rheinische Bahn cycle path, then turns off onto the cycle path heading towards the Grugapark (connection to be completed in 2015). Here, the route passes through the large Mühlbach Valley.


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