Heisinger Ruhraue (45)

150-ha nature conservation area, intact meadowlands along the Ruhr
  • The NaturLinie 105 has nearly arrived in the Ruhr Valley at the final stop, Finefraustraße, in the southeast of Essen. After a few hundred metres, you come to the Heisinger Ruhraue – a large conservation area covering 150 hectares. The intact meadowlands with their marshes and wetlands, ponds and cut-off river arms have been a nature conservation area since 2004. Some 60 breeding and up to 50 migratory species of birds as well as rare species of dragonflies and amphibians live here. There are numerous walks and cycle paths along the Ruhr.

    Description of route

    From the Finefraustraße stop
    700 m to the nature area

    Turn right into Gottfried-Wilhelm-Straße, left into Mausegattstraße, then left into Rübezahlstraße, follow Hexentaufe on the left to Frankenstraße, turn right until you reach the Ruhr

    Nature walk