Schellenberger Wald (44)

Extensive woodland area, park and Schellenberg Castle
  • From the Rathaus Rellinghausen stop and bustling Frankenstraße, the romantic old heart of Rellinghausen with its half-timbered houses and Blücher House can be reached in just a few minutes; you then go into Schellenberg Woods with the castle and park. Schellenberg Woods are a northeastern offshoot of the Ardey Hills; you go uphill to the castle via the Pilgrimsteig. The castle is definitely well worth seeing, with its beautiful inner courtyard and gate buildings as well as the Baroque chapel, which is situated in the small Castle Park. As part of the NaturLinie 105, Schellenberg Castle is a beautiful counterpart to Borbeck Castle located in the northwest.

    Natural monuments
    Rellinghauser Straße, St. Lambertus green area, 2 yews, trunk circumferences 1.48 and 1.19 metres Am Stift 9, Blücher House, ivy trunk Frankenstraße 104, 2 lime trees, trunk circumferences 2.15 and 1.99 metres Viereichenhöhe 4, oak tree (Lüstner oak tree, 400 – 500 years old), trunk circumference 5.51 metres

    Description of route

    From the Rathaus Schellenberg stop
    350 m to the green area

    Turn right into Frankenstraße, left into Am Ardey, right into Oberstraße, then follow trails , A1, S

    Nature walk