St. Annental (42)

Side valley of the Ruhr Valley with course of the Rellinghauser Mühlenbach stream, St. Annen Chapel and historical water treatment works
  • St. Annen Valley is a side valley of the large Ruhr Valley. You can again see the basic idea of Robert Schmidt of interweaving the city with the existing green spaces. The St. Annen Valley is therefore one of many green connections in an attractive location, creating a transition from developed land into the major green system of the Ruhr Valley. Here you can also find the small St. Annen Chapel in a beautiful clearing and a short way down the valley an historical water treatment works of the Ruhr Association. 

    Description of route

    From the Schnabelstraße stop
    100 m to St. Annen Valley

    Follow Rellinghauser Straße, then turn right into St. Annen Valley