Stadtwald (41)

Walk with examples of reform architecture, Stadtwald, Schiller meadow, Schiller well
  • The southeast reform architecture walk is the counterpart to the southwest reform architecture walk. This walk clearly illustrates the efforts of the then city of Essen to combine residential estates with the surrounding green areas. On the way, you will find the Eyhof reform architecture estates – with a central green axis, Grünhof – the Ulmenhof and Altenhof 2 estates. The Essen Stadtwald lies between these estates. The woods already played a major role as a recreation area for stressed city-dwellers in the age of industrialisation. At that time, the city of Essen strived to redesign the existing natural woods to meet the needs of the population. Essen Stadtwald was given trails, the Schiller well and the Schiller meadow ('people's meadow and festival grounds'). A natural theatre was also planned but never completed. Today, you can only see rudimentary remains. All in all, it can be said that, with the Stadtwald, the city of Essen can present a striking example of a forward-looking and modern green area policy.

    From the Zeche Ludwig stop
    100 m to the green area

    Turn right into Kaninenberghöhe until you come to the Steele-Werden district trail on the left which takes you to the Schiller well/meadow

    Nature walk