Wiebeanlage im Moltkeviertel (39)

Axially designed green space in the south of the Moltke Quarter surrounded by private gardens; from 1926, created in Germany for the first time in this form
  • The Wiebe Park was created in 1926 – its special feature is that the public green area continues visually into the surrounding private gardens. At that time, this was a novelty in German urban development. The park is named after Friedrich Wiebe, a former city councillor. The three-part park and green area is designed in rising terraces with a view of Hubertus Church. The central section forms a playground; on its southwest edge there is a small chapel which originally stood at the Ludwig colliery and was visited by the miners employed there.

    Description of route

    From the Töpferstraße stop
    150 m to Wiebe Park

    Follow Töpferstraße in northeast direction and then turn left into Wiebe Park