Kapitelfriedhof (32)

A cemetery situated in the cathedral cloister which, with the cathedral courtyard, creates a green oasis in the heart of the city centre
  • The Kapitelfriedhof cemetery is situated in the cloister of the over 1,000-year-old minster, today's Essen cathedral. It dates back to 1240 and many sections were reconstructed in 1954 – after its destruction during World War II. Only the east wing is preserved in its original state. Today, the cloister is a green oasis of peace in the bustling city centre. The cathedral courtyard is also a beautiful, distinctive place. The natural monument in the neighbouring Burgplatz square is worth seeing: a large, beautiful sycamore almost 5 metres in circumference.

    The avenue rings planned by "Grün und Gruga" (city parks department) are also worth mentioning in the city centre: the city ring with Schützenbahn, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, Ostfeldstraße and Hindenburgstraße. And the Old Town ring where even the street names refer to the stock of trees: Akazienallee ('acacia avenue'), Lindenallee ('lime tree avenue') and Kastanienallee ('chestnut tree avenue').

    Natural monument
    Burgplatz, sycamore, trunk circumference 4.97 metres

    Description of route

    From the Rathaus Essen stop
    150 m to Kapitelfriedhof cemetery

    Exit city centre, from Kettwiger Straße follow the Culture Trail to the cathedral