Nordpark (31)

Park dating from the Wilhelminian era; an important green space in the city area which was considerably smaller at that time
  • Today, the North Park is a classic park facility comprising lawn areas and groups of trees. Roughly 90 years ago, it still had an important function for the population in the northern part of the city. Director of Horticulture, Rudolf Korte, described this in an article "Vom Essener Grün" like this: "… the 2.5-ha North Park gives a very friendly touch to the northern industrial district, dominated by the hammering of everyday life." (Deutschlands Städtebau Essen, Dari-Verlag, H. Ehlgötz, 1925).

    Description of route

    From the Rheinischer Platz stop
    900 m to the North Park

    Exit A, then follow Gladbecker Straße to Grillostraße