Residenzaue (13)

Krupp's civil servant estate dating from 1928, preferential location at the Castle Park, buildings arranged axially to the castle
  • The Residenzaue estate was built by Robert Schmohl and Hannes Meyer (Krupp construction office) between 1926 and 1936. The estate clearly shows how the city planners and architects of that time thought: they saw the important potential of the castle and the Castle Park and included them in their designs – this can be readily seen in the overview diagram. The design of the estate impresses with elements of the Neues Bauen (New Building) movement with plain façades and accentuations through gables, recessed balconies and gateways.

    From the Abzweig Aktienstraße stop
    1,000 m to the Residenzaue Estate

    Cross the Castle Park to the castle, the estate is directly opposite