Schrebergärten (7)

Allotments typical of Essen and the Ruhr area
  • Allotments are often magnificently flowering oases and wonderful retreats for people. With their beautifully designed plots, they bring quality of life and enjoyment into the city. The well-tended paths through the allotments are accessible to the public.

    And there is lots to discover here as the allotment gardens offer a home to many species of animals and plants. There are roughly 1 million allotments in Germany and they are intended to promote recovery in nature and enable city-dwellers to grow fruit and vegetables. Nowadays, you also find ornamental plants and lawns in these gardens.

    Allotments first developed in Leipzig at the end of the 19th century; a short time later, people in the Ruhr area also started to create allotments.

    Description of route

    From the Am Kreyenkrop stop
    150 m to the allotments

    Follow Frintroper Straße, then turn left into the allotments