Gleispark (2)

A 25-ha park with extensive birch woods on a huge former railway yard
  • The land of the former Essen-Frintrop marshalling yard, roughly 25 hectares in size, is both a key element of the landscaped park, Emscherlandchaftspark, and a site on the Industrial Heritage Trail (RVR - Regional Association Ruhr). Birch trees predominate in the eastern section of the park; further west, there is a meadow covered with shrubs and bushes. The size of the land, its location and the wonderful vegetation give it outstanding importance: the soil of the land is steppe-like in quality encouraging the growth of typical pioneer plants. Evening primroses, St. John's wort, ploughman's spikenard and golden rod flourish in the open areas, hawthorn, black elder and wild roses grow on the path verges, blackberries in the undergrowth. Many types of insects, small animals, bird species and hares have established themselves here.

    Dellwiger Straße
    45357 Essen

    Description of route

    From the Unterstraße stop
    900 m to the Gleispark

    Follow Frintroper Straße for 900 m, then turn right onto the Oberhausen circular trail to Frintrop Gleispark