Läppkes Mühlenbach (1)

The stream, Läppkes Mühlenbach, runs along the edge of the Ruhr heights in the northwest of Essen
  • Läppkes Mühlenbach flows from north to south in the direction of the Emscher River. The stream meanders through the green valley, which has been made accessible with paths and bridges. This provides beautiful views of green meadows and the course of the stream. Läppkes Mühlenbach was one of the first streams to be renaturalised in the 1980s during work on the IBA Emscher Park. The Läppkes Mühlenbach green system is the most western of the five green valleys in the Borbeck area.

    Description of route

    From the Unterstraße stop
    100 m to the green area

    Follow Frintroper Straße, then turn left onto the Oberhausen circular trail and
    district trails 9 and 10