Nature Walk Haus Ripshorst

From the Unterstraße stop1 to Gleispark and Haus Ripshorst (OB)

The nature walk starts at the Unterstraße stop and leads you through the green area called Läppkes Mühlenbach. You reach Gleispark over a red bridge which connects Essen and Oberhausen. The route takes you past large spacious fields to Haus Ripshorst, which is situated in the Oberhausen metropolitan area on the Rhine-Herne canal and the river Emscher

Extensive construction work by Emschergenossenschaft (water management association) is in progress here: in future, the wastewater will be led away in closed channels so the river and its tributaries will be gradually turned into semi-natural water bodies. The aim of the Emscher conversion work is to upgrade the Emscher location with projects extending far beyond the watercourse.

Café im Haus Ripshorst
Informationszentrum Emscher Landschaftspark
Ripshorster Straße 306
46117 Oberhausen
Informationszentrum Haus Ripshorst

[1]  All tram stops are marked with an (H).