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Nature Walk Hexbach Valley

From the Am Kreyenkrop stop through the Hexbach Valley

The nature walk starts at the Am Kreyenkrop stop and leads down into the idyllic Hexbach Valley, which runs parallel to the route of the NaturLinie 105.  Once you pass through the Hexbach Valley, you arrive in a populated area through which small green paths lead to the Abzweig Aktienstraße stop. 

This nature walk is well suited for breaking your journey with the NaturLinie 105 and for walking a short distance parallel to the route – you can also start the route from the Abzweig Aktienstraße stop.

Bedingrader Straße 135
45359 Essen
0201 698208
Talschänke Essen

Liebling im Mühlenbach (ab 1.3.2015)
ehem. Landgasthof Mühlenbach
Hexberg 58
45475 Mülheim
0208 995546