Nature Walk Stadtwald (City Woods)

From the Zeche Ludwig stop into Walpurgis Valley, through the city woods called Stadtwald to the Schiller well and meadows and the Eyhof green reform architecture estate

The nature walk starts at the Zeche Ludwig stop. After a few metres, you arrive at Schürmannhof and then go down into the pretty Walpurgis Valley. From there, you walk through the city woods to the Schiller well (if you cross over Wittenbergstraße, you arrive at the Schiller meadows).
You reach the Eyhof reform architecture estate through the Stadtwald S-Bahn train stop. You later arrive at Lambertuskirche (church) and the old monastery house (Stiftshaus). The walk ends at the Rathaus Rellinghausen stop.

If you want to visit the historical estates of Ulmenhof and Altenhof II, these can be reached via Wittenbergstraße (Schiller well/meadows).

Since mid-2014, Essener Stadtwerke has been laying new sewer pipes in Walpurgis Valley over a distance of 2 km and renaturalising the Rellinghauser Mühlenbach stream.